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Posted By HBFA | September 20, 2021

I want to congratulate the industry for continuing to work through the lockdown. Well done on complying with the requirements of Level 4 and then level 3. I recognise the difficulties this poses for both trainers and trainees! Education of course, is not considered to be an essential industry so classes had to be rescheduled and that process is beginning now. During the lockdown we maintained text communications with the trainees telling them what was happening and advising them of the work they could be completing in their own space. Clare and I also contacted all the trainers to let them know as well. The message being, that we will reschedule and be flexible with due dates so that no-one would be disadvantaged. I also iterated that we are still working, just by distance so we are here to help. This communication was received very well.

Classes can run again at Level 2 with certain restrictions. The main requirements are that masks are encouraged but not compulsory if a 1m distance can be maintained and sanitiser will be available.

The last classes for the Year 1 trainees are hydraladas, two of which have to be rescheduled. Because this is a practical and requires small numbers, Clare will communicate with the individual groups. Apart from that it is just finishing off on job attestations for the practical aspects of tractors chainsaws and fruit support structures.

There has been minimal disruption to the Year 2 trainee timetable. Pests and disease classes have already resumed and a small group need a catch up on hydraladas. They will be contacted individually. Their propagation assessment is due and the weather assessment is due next week. But as I said above we can be flexible but they need to communicate with us about where they are at.

The Year 3 trainee schedule has been the most affected with two classes missed. The first of these classes has already been held and the second class will be on the 8th of October. There has been plenty of EIT work for them to carry on with, but we do recognise that labour shortages caused by travel limitations will have affected their ability to do it.

I am very pleased with the Diploma class as we have been able to deliver them on line even with a guest speaker. There have been numerous submissions of work of good quality for marking and checking. Normal face to face classes have resumed this week.

As always if you have any queries or concerns please get in touch with EIT Tutor Gordon Reid  greid@eit.ac.nz , 06 8301851 or 027 3940410.

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