We Protect, Foster and Promote Fruitgrowing in Hawke’s Bay

Established in 1899, the Association has been a platform for growers to exchange, implement and action matters pertinent to fruit growing in Hawkes Bay.

The Association’s three pillars – protect, foster and promote are supported by sub-committees to drive awareness and implement action. The organisation is funded through annual membership fees, property investments and charitable bequests enabling the Association to actively engage with regional and national industry constituents on a day-to-day basis.


Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ) is the national umbrella organisation for the 21 affiliated sector groups. Representing the pipfruit, summerfruit and kiwifruit sectors, the Association works closely with the following sector organisations:

New Zealand Apple & Pears

The Association is committed to:

Representing and supporting its members in advocacy functions;

Proactively engaging with industry partners and responding to challenges quickly and easily through communication platforms;

Raising the profile of horticulture locally and the opportunities within the industry including attracting labour, building more awareness of education and career pathways,  and building capacity in the region.

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Advocate For Our Members

We work for our members to lobby and protect the longevity of Hawke's Bay as a fruit-growing region.


Support Our Members

Our aim is to support and drive awareness of career opportunities in horticulture.


Be The Voice For Our Members

To promote the fruit-growing industry through effective marketing