Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction for HBFA in accordance with its aims and objectives.

They provide a supporting role to ensure the delivery of transparent, robust, useful and timely information to it’s members and the local horticulture industry.

Ben James


Richard Pentreath

Vice President, Promote, Protect Committee, Kiwifruit Sector Chair

Andrew Mason

Commercial, Promote Committee

Cindy Dixon

Promote Committee

Richard Griffiths

Protect Committee

Lisa-Marie Edgarton

Promote Committee, Pipfruit Sector Chair

Chris Treneman

Protect Committee

Lachlan Mckay

Protect Committee

Graeme Hodges

Foster, Commercial Committee,

Gareth Hope

Summerfruit Sector Chair

Dianne Vesty

Executive Officer

Office Holders

Leon Stallard: Ex officio Tom Dames: Seconded Shane Flynn: Seconded

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