December Training Sector Update

Posted By HBFA | December 19, 2022

Kia ora koutou,

All our classes at EIT are now finished and we are trying to support students to get assessment work completed.  As always many have several outstanding courses.  Next year we are going to be stricter on due dates to get work in earlier in the year, and you will see dates set on the new timetable, to help manage this issue.  Managers are receiving a monthly update which has more information regarding fees, timetables, and the like.  If you would like to be receiving this newsletter pease email Clare:  cbuckner@eit.ac.nz

This Spring has been exceptional in its demands, and many students have deferred courses to next year, to spread their EIT workload.  So long as we know what the plan is, we can help.

Students are asked for an evaluation after their courses finish, and I will also be sending out a very short manager survey – please take five minutes to offer us some anonymous feedback – these surveys don’t tick a box in our compliance folder, but offer evidence that we are consulting with industry and back us up to make changes to better suit industry needs, so please use them.

If you have students interested in starting in 2023, please text or call Clare.  We start again on 11th January, and I would like to hear from you before Christmas for our new Year one students.

Both the post harvest and fruit production Diploma students of 2022 have engaged with the different courses and feedback has been that they have enjoyed the learning process.  We continue to look at options to improve the delivery, and look forward to welcoming new students iin 2023, as well  as returning students completing their studies.  We start again with Fruit Production on 18th January with Horticulture Business Skills.  Anyone interested please contact Chris cthorman@eit.ac.nz .

Wishing you the very best of holiday seasons, and look forward to catching up next year, ngā mihi nunui Clare, Steven, Chris and Ash.



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