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Posted By HBFA | May 13, 2021

The Level 5 Diploma in Fruit Production has ‘plan and manage’ at its core. Environmental issues such climate change and water conservation are going to require planning for and managing. It was 28 degrees in Napier earlier in the week. A record for this time of year. Additionally, below average rainfall means that soil moisture levels are low heading into winter. Are these the harbingers of climate change? Whether they are or not, they pose problems for our industry in terms of huge issues such as water conservation and pest and disease control. To avoid major complications these issues require planning and managing.

The qualifications that our graduates attain, all have these types of issues underpinning the delivery. But I want to make a particular mention of the Level 5 Diploma in Fruit Production because planning and managing all the resources we use to grow fruit is at the forefront of this qualification. This course is part-time and the timetable is designed to avoid peak on job commitments.  We encourage businesses to identify employees who may be seeking a future management role. Now that the harvest is over the EIT classes are ramping up again.

This week the Year 1 trainees who started after the harvest are having the catch up classes. We know that managers often identify talent during the harvest so we have always scheduled these catch up classes. If the trainees complete them it means that they will be on the same footing as those who started at the beginning of the year. As this class has grown significantly the next fruit support structures classes will be split into smaller groups. Each trainee will be able to book into whichever group suit them the best.

 Year 2 trainees have begun with botany and the second class for this course is on 14 May. May signals a busy month for the Year 2 trainees with a pruning class and soils beginning at the end of the month. It is important that they do not get behind as it is very difficult for them to catch up when they are in full-time employment. A reminder has been sent that their first assignment, harvest criteria is due in this week.

As the pruning season starts it is appropriate that the Year 3 trainees have a pruning class coming up this week. In this class we will look at five different training systems and their advantages and disadvantages. To this end there is a field trip to look at the various systems and to get input from the managers about them. The year 3 trainees also have a busy month with Human Resources and Crop Protection classes coming up.

Last week we had Hans Doevendans talk to the Year 5 students about LEAN. While this topic is not directly assessed it underpins the concept of planning and managing to create effectiveness and efficiency by improving flow. LEAN provides a very good basis for structuring the delivery and assessment of the courses.

As always if you have any queries or concerns please get in touch with EIT Tutor Gordon Reid  greid@eit.ac.nz , 06 8301851 or 027 3940410.

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