Summerfruit NZ, November Update

Posted By HBFA | November 16, 2021

Richard Mills, Summerfruit NZ Market Support


Enough of the rain and overcast conditions thanks very much. The rainfall totals seem to have varied around the district with the coastal areas coping a bit more; there were lingering puddles out near Red Bridge that were not so visible further inland. There has been hail damage in the early areas but I don’t think it will impact on the overall amount of fruit for sale to much. Not nice for those that are dealing with it but OK for the overall production. As the harvest gets under way this week and next, we will see how good the brown rot control was.

Now we need some good temperatures and sunshine to harden the exterior of the fruit and get the sugar levels up.

Growing degree days in Bay View, for example are pretty good, better than average in fact. There has been 345 units accumulated (as of November 8) but this is behind last seasons exceptional accumulation. This is confirmed by growers suggesting that harvest will be 5-7 days behind last season. The stations that we access are a little above or a little below average, nothing to different to the five-year average.

Weather Station GDD (1 Sept to Nov 8)
Bay View 345
Twyford 233
Pakowhai 241
Lawn Road 204
Ruahapia 208
Havelock North 196
Longlands 251
Te Aute 236


The table above is a good illustration of why Bay View grows the early fruit. For cherry growers the Marlborough comparison of GDD is 207 from trees that flowered at the same time as Hawke’s Bay -excluding Bay View.

Crop Loads

To add to the bit of hail damage there is a few blocks no longer in the ground, across peach, nectarine and plum. Especially plums. Apricots seem relatively stable in area and there will be a few more cherry blocks producing fruit.

Crop loads on cherries might be lower than growers had hoped, at least a bit patchy. Apricots seem to be pretty much there or there abouts, as do peach and nectarine. Hand thinning in a number of cases has been quick which all bodes well for size and possibly quality. The reports on labour availability to date have mostly been adequate, but not oversupplied.

Some Take Home Thoughts

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