Planning Update – July 2023

Posted By HBFA | December 16, 2021

Hopefully all of you with mixed waste issues have now heard that an Order in Council to allow the burning of prohibited material like plastic and tanalised/treated timber come into force on 5  July 2023. This means that big, intertwined and really hard to separate mixed waste piles can now be burned.  There are some conditions that need to be complied with –

 The full text of the Order in Council is available here: Severe-Weather-Emergency-Recovery-Resource-ManagementBurning-of-Waste-Order-2023.pdf (hbrc.govt.nz)

 Any questions about burning mixed waste, or other frustrations with planning or council processes, please get in touch– 027 3225595 or Charlotte.Drury@hortnz.co.nz


Dr Charlotte Drury

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