Notification of Actual and Reasonable Volumes for TANK replacement permits

Posted By HBFA | December 22, 2023

Many of you will have now received an email from HBRC outlining what they have calculated to be your Actual and Reasonable volume, which they propose would be the volume imposed on your replacement water permit.  Many of you will have got a nasty surprise when you saw these volumes.

Our advice to you is as follows:

If you do not agree with the council’s actual and reasonable volume calculation, let the council know that you do not.  The following wording could be used in your email to the council at this email address: waterpermits@hbrc.govt.nz.

The suggested wording is:

“The water volume proposed in your letter will not allow me to continue to grow. I consider the estimated Actual and Reasonable Use volume for my take to be inaccurate and by the end of April 2024 I will provide information that demonstrates that a greater volume is both appropriate and necessary in my case.”

Please contact and advise Charlotte Drury of your situation/volumes by emailing her on charlotte@viewconsult.co.nz

This will help us to know who has issues so we can ensure that you have help where needed, fully understand the scale of the issue, and will also allow the likes of HortNZ, HAG, NZAPI etc to push back on the council on your behalf.

We are planning to have a meeting/s in January to facilitate discussion from affected growers, help answer any questions, provide advice that could be useful to contest the council’s suggested volume.

If you are happy with the council’s actual and reasonable volume calculation, then let Council know that, but ask to see a full set of draft consent conditions before your permit is issued so that you can see exactly what you will get – the conditions, consent duration etc

Any queries, please get in touch with Charlotte Drury on 027 3225595 or someone from your organisation

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