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Posted By HBFA | December 19, 2022

The 2022 late spring conditions have been an improvement on the cloudy / nothing weather of 2021, the sun has been shining, rain is happening and apart from some smaller areas of hail, things are looking much better than the shocking wet start of this spring. Leaf health is much improved, and things are really starting to grow. Harvest is getting closer, hopefully your blocks are set up to make the most of the upcoming season.

Now is the mid-point of the growing season. Crop loads are generally set on trees, all growers should be aware of what fruit numbers are in every block and where this contrasts with the block targets. These actual vs target numbers need to be assessed to understand what they are likely to mean going forward for the fruit and for the canopy, and what the best line of management is to maximise the performance of the block.

Thinning labour does not feel as challenged / panicked as the last couple of years, block fruit numbers are down to target earlier and this is likely to give a corresponding lift in fruit size / yield. This is critical as the world is still getting over the “Covid hangover” with feedback from most suppliers around the world saying that the last couple of years were tough work for everyone. We need to be hitting the fruit size and quality for the markets that give us the best returns.

In turbulent times there often ends up winners and losers. Some people make good decisions (often called luck) that are based on the best information available both in the orchard and in the markets. Others get caught up in the excitement of the moment and either make rash / knee jerk calls or do nothing and expect to get a different outcome. Focus on where the profit is within your orchards and maximise the results.

You should all be proud of being in an industry that is focused on feeding the world and know that it is an industry that will always be needed. We are coming up on Xmas and this is a key time to catch up with friends and family and recharge the batteries.

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday from the team at AgFirst, thanks for your support and we will see you again in 2023 for another exciting year.

Jonathan Brookes




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