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Posted By HBFA | December 16, 2021

Jens Liesebach,  KGI Lower North Island Representative

Welcome to the new COVID-19 Protection Framework – the traffic light system.  Zespri and NZKGI have revised the kiwifruit industry Covid Protection protocols to align with this new framework to ensure that growers, workers and industry representatives are protected and prepared for the next stage in New Zealand’s response to COVID-19. New on-orchard protocols under the new traffic light system are available on the NZKGI website here.

The use of chemicals for crop protection or plant nutrition is widespread. Some of the chemicals applied can leave long lasting residues or cause other side effects. For this reason, Zespri approves and controls the use of chemicals on producing kiwifruit vines. A summary of allowed chemicals can be found on the canopy webpage in the Crop Protection Standard summary. One of the latest changes includes the use pattern of Kiwiguard as it is only allowed to be used prior to fruitset. Furthermore, the insecticide Proclaim Opti is not the same as Proclaim.  Proclaim Opti must only be applied to Kiwifruit with a Justified Approval (at the grower’s risk).  Please check the Zespri Crop Protection Standard again after the next update in January 2022 before applying further products to make sure the product you plan to use is still permitted by Zespri.

Zespri has been reviewing the KiwiGreen Crop Protection Standards in order to maximise the volume of fruit that meets China market requirements. Targeted species of this programme include Scale, Leafroller and the Wheat bug. An incentive of 25c per tray has been offered to growers who meet the KiwiGreen  standards. Although the requirements have fundamentally stayed the same, there is renewed emphasis to ensure that any recommended actions (if required) are undertaken. Further information on KiwiGreen and the key Incentive requirements can be found here.

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I wish you all a well deserved break during the Christmas and New Year period.

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