Genesis strengthens their commitment to kiwi growers.

Posted By HBFA | February 22, 2024

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In the dynamic and competitive business of fruit tree nurseries, the journey to becoming a world-leading grower demands more than raising quality trees. It requires a strategic approach, comprehensive knowledge and a dedicated team of specialised employees.

The recent additions to Genesis Nurseries team, Dean Smith, Dave Greer and Jamie Hall, who join existing CEO Hayden Green, bring a wealth of experience and a shared vision of supporting growers in their journey to becoming world-leading.

With the expansion of the management team, Hayden believes Genesis is well-equipped to contribute to orchard success. “We want to be more than just a nursery, we want to be a dynamic force that stays ahead of industry trends. A team that constantly explores new technologies, sustainable practices and cutting-edge horticultural methods. By embracing innovation, we not only enhance the quality of our trees but strengthen our links with IP owners and breeders, providing our growers with the knowledge to stay at the forefront of the fruit production industry”.

Taking on the role of Business Development and IP Manager is seasoned specialist, Dean Smith. Previously leading Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers’ Association, Dean understands the importance of collaboration and communication in achieving successful and sustainable commercial outcomes.

“During my time advocating for growers, I gained a deep appreciation for the challenges they face, from accessing capital to navigating workforce constraints, regulatory hurdles, market fluctuations and extreme weather events” shares Dean.

“I’m also very aware of the long planning horizons and the significant investment with planting, and plan to bring this grower perspective to support our service delivery.”

Similarly, Dave Greer, the newly appointed General Manager Operations brings a multifaceted skill set to Genesis, combining his expertise in pest disease and risk management planning, (acquired through global experience in vineyards), 9 years of irrigation engineering with his experience in managing labour supply, assisting the Hortus management team to establish the company in the North Island.

While growing top-quality trees is paramount for Dave “building a great culture and team that can develop up the ranks” will be a strong priority.

Completing the team as Safety, People and Capability Manager is Jamie Hall. With his strong roots in the field and understanding of the regional dynamics, Jamie is equipped to be a crucial player within the Genesis team.

His ability to assess the team’s current skills and identify gaps will mean “staff will not only remain safe at work but will allow me to provide further training and skilled labour when required. Overall, I want to ensure all labour is working towards producing the best product for our growers”, says Jamie.

As the 2024 season ramps up, the strategic additions to the Genesis Nursery team will strengthen their commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and supporting growers on their journey to becoming world-leading.



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