Focus Group Established to Better Understand Implications of Outdoor Burning  

Posted By HBFA | June 14, 2020

An industry group has been established to research and better understand the carbon footprinting of outdoor burning practices- mulching, pulling and burning, in order to develop a best practice guide for the regions horticulture industry.

During May to August, specific restrictions apply to burning of orchard/vineyard materials for redevelopment purposes.

HBFA, NZAPI and grower representatives meet last week to discuss how the varying orchard development disposal options are impacting the environment. It includes researching the extent to which natural processes such as root system carbon dioxide uptake, leaf trash decay and tree removal impacts the overall carbon footprint. One option to be explored is extrapolating the gases produced by burning a fire at different moisture levels to determine if it meets the acceptable ‘burn’ thresholds as governed by HBRC. Monitoring trials will also be undertaken with bark mulch through to the final ‘resting place’, ensuring all viable steps are taken to protect Papatuanuku (Mother Earth).

For more information on outdoor burning, please refer to the  good practice guide.

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