Enhancing good return bloom for next year

Posted By HBFA | December 16, 2021

Dean Rainham

The chemical thinning window was a challenge this year with the results varying from the good, the bad and the ugly.

Now that fruit is sizing it’s obvious that some blocks are carrying excess crop loads.  This may impact adversely on next year’s bloom.

Application of three NAA sprays over the December period has been shown to enhance return bloom and improve your chances of a good crop next year. Floral bud initiation for next year’s crop is happening right now in the tree and the summer NAA program enhances this process. The NAA can be applied with the cover spray.

This does not replace lowering crop loads to optimum levels as soon as possible. Prioritise blocks by profitability, those that are grossly over cropped and those varieties that pay more for a larger fruit size profile.

Consider sending a skilled team through your most variable blocks, targeting those 20% of “on” trees that make 80% of the variability. Low the crop loads early on these trees and increase the chance the block will even up for next season

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