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Posted By HBFA | May 22, 2024

Just as the harvest season winds down, so EIT ramps up.  We and your students have a busy six months ahead.

Level three fruit production students are back in class with Steven studying soil, and moving on to botany.  This class has been split into two groups to ensure we can run effective practical sessions.  The level 4s have completed their first of six courses, and will be starting Crop Protection with Chris Thorman in next few weeks.  

You should be receiving a monthly Trainer Update that lists exactly what assessments they have, and what support they may require from the workplace.  

We have a small group of first years, who will be working on fruit support structures here at EIT, as we are putting in a micro-orchard in the front paddock, with a small range of trees and structures.  This will give us a space for tractor and hydro practicals, as well as some trees to play with. Much appreciation to Goldpine for donating the posts, and Genesis nursery for plants to fill the trellis.

EIT professional development Level 5 Management Programs  

 A reminder that the level 5 programs are made up of individual courses and anyone can join the classes for a single course at any time. Contact nhartley@eit.ac.nz for delivery schedules. 

The level 5 Fruit Production students are working through the research topic module with Steven where they are carrying out a small trial and will report on their findings as part of their assessment. Their managers will be invited to hear the report.

The Leadership Qualities Module starts on Wednesday 22nd of May. Students will be discussing what makes a good leader, reflecting on their leadership styles and working through the components that help make good leaders. Anyone interested in joining us should speak to their managers or get in touch with Chris EIT now. 

The 2024-2025 Level 5 Post Harvest year begins in July, anyone interested in joining this program should contact nhartley@eit.ac.nz 

Finally the Post Harvest 2023 – 2024 students need to be getting any outstanding assessments in by the end of June.

Chris, Steven and Natalie

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