50 years of the Cropliner

Posted By HBFA | December 21, 2022


From a sprayer built in a garage in NZ in 1972, 50 years later Croplands and Cropliner have become a major contributor to the commercial spraying industry  in New Zealand, Australia and further afield. 

Croplands Equipment was founded in New Zealand by Miles Deck in 1972. He developed the now market-leading Cropliner airblast sprayer in response to New Zealand’s horticulture boom and the brand has since grown to become one of the most popular sprayer brands on the market, servicing the horticulture, viticulture, arable, compact and home garden sectors in New Zealand, Australia and beyond. 

Croplands General Manager Sean Mulvaney said Miles’ initial motivation for producing the Cropliner sprayer 50 years ago was to create a machine specifically designed for NZ conditions, believing imported sprayers at the time were inadequate.    

“Croplands has a long history of delivering practical solutions for farmers stemming right back to the development of the Cropliner in 1972,” he said. 

“We pride ourselves on being resourceful and adaptable in meeting the needs of our customers – something Miles instilled in the company from day one. 

“Croplands has been owned by Australian company Nufarm since 1988, but we continue to be guided by the strong family values that marked our beginning 50 years ago.” 

“Our equipment is designed to help crops and farmers thrive. For example Croplands’ Quantum Mist sprayers are another example of cutting-edge technology being developed to meet the needs of customers.” he said. 

“With its axial driven hydraulic fans, the Quantum Mist creates a turbulence among the leaves of vines or trees that produces unrivalled coverage and has been a game-changer in vineyard spraying,” he said. 

“The Cropliner also remains one of our most popular products, demonstrating just how innovative Miles’ original idea was.” 

Mr Mulvaney adds the collaboration with Nufarm and long-standing relationship with PGG Wrightson and Fruitfed Supplies in New Zealand has meant customers receive the best support possible from machinery purchase right through to application in the field.  

“Together, we have a major focus on chemical stewardship. That means our customers don’t just get the sprayer, they also get the best advice in nozzle selection and best practice spray application as well.” 

Here in Hawke’s Bay there is a special link to Croplands roots through Croplands Spray Shop owner Greg Deck, who is Miles’ son.  

Croplands Spray Shop builds and sets up a majority of the new Croplands spray units for the New Zealand market and provides servicing and maintenance of these units for a large number of key Hawke’s Bay growers. 

“I’m really proud to be able to continue the family legacy through my independent business Croplands Spray Shop.” says Greg. “After all it carries the name of something that has been a huge part of my life. Dad (Miles) recently moved to Hawke’s Bay and now pops in from time to time, to keep an eye on things!” 

You can watch a great little 50-year history video interview with Miles Deck on the Croplands Spray Shop website, sprayshop.nz. 

Croplands will be celebrating its 50th year by expanding its Australian operation in Adelaide and a number of new product releases. 

“We will continue to partner with farmers across New Zealand and the world to bring them the equipment they need to be profitable and productive,” Mr Mulvaney said. 

“Key to that will be our strong relationships with our dealer network.” 

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